About us


Wamufat Youth Community Development (WYCDF) is a non-profit organization that integrates quality education for underprivileged children with skill development via digital technologies. We realize that every penny we provide symbolizes a donor's legacy, a hope for long-term change, and an opportunity to make that hope a reality. We envisage a future in which every Wamufat has the chance to contribute to the prosperity, health, and productivity of our area. And we think that the success with which we improve the quality of life for all of our citizens will define our shared fate.


Thank you, Wamufat Youth Development Program for teaching me how to present my business ideas in an elevator pitch.

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"Last year, I participated in the WYCDF programme, and I learned a lot. This year, I can't wait to participate again since it's a highly accessible platform for learning. Thank you Wamufat "

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Wamufat Youth Community Development (WYCDF) aims to support youth with various development programs and assist them in areas of education, housing, immigration, entrepreneur programs, different leadership programs and civic engagement.



To improve educational opportunities for students worldwide, WYCDF offers grants and scholarships to individuals. Working to build schools, libraries, and other learning centers.


To old and infirm persons of the society. . These homes are providing quality services including shelter, food, health care and recreational facilities.


Immigration has a direct impact on the US economy by expanding the workforce. “WYCDF” helps Immigrants, which has a significant impact on the economy of the United States by increasing productivity.


“WYCDF” provides Youth entrepreneurship programmes that emphasize inclusivity and/or encourage a certain entrepreneur profile. It helps the youth to start a business, or any startup company which offers creative products, processes or services.